Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lent in the Wilderness

Back at the beginning of Lent, the Dean of Saint John's noted that in many ways, the Wilderness service didn't really have a patronal festival so much as it had a patronal season, the season of Lent. This time of wandering in the wilderness, seeking greater self-discipline and closer unity with God in Christ, at first seems like such a depressing thing, but this year I have found it quite feeding and a time of growth. And not just for me as an individual, but for this service too.

It's been amazing to watch this community grow, and refreshing to find new ways of expressing the Christian faith that can speak to us in the early 21st century while being so true to the most ancient and orthodox beliefs of the church. I look forward to walking this path with all of you into Easter and beyond.

Lenten Blessings to All.